Holds a large amount of domains, that you can purchase or rent.

Below you see the list some domains that we hold, in order to negotiate on the domain go to contact page and mention the domain that you are interested in and your suggestion.

You can also click on the domains to learn more about them!

A Brief Introduction on Damaining
What is a Domainer?
Domaining is the business of buying, selling, developing and monetizing domain names. Domaining is BIG business. It’s just not about the big names. Experienced domainers can quickly cash in $10,000 or $100,000 on unknown domains, typos, etc.
What is domain name speculation?
Domain name speculation is the practice of identifying and registering or acquiring Internet domain names as an investment with the intent of selling them later for a profit.
What is the definition of domain in science?
2. Biology A division of organisms that ranks above a kingdom in systems of classification that are based on shared similarities in DNA sequences rather than shared structural similarities. In these systems, there are three domains: the archaea, the bacteria, and the eukaryotes.
What is the meaning of the word domain?
(1) A group of computers and devices on a network that are administered as a unit with common rules and procedures. Within the Internet, domains are defined by the IP address. All devices sharing a common part of the IP address are said to be in the same domain.
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