Pain at


Pain, a simple word contenting only four letters, as I star in cliche, it’s running from all cliche, all the time it appears in a different clothing, but deep in heart you know that the story is the same, running, hiding, keeping in mind that there is nothing worthy of these tears, but aging, they keep coming, what can I do?!

Who else should understand me if he doesn’t, the time, that you are looking back, is he?!

No he isn’t!

There is a voice always shaking my body and brain, ONE DAY!

But he knows how many days should be passed till reach that day when nothing is left out of everything, the day that you he isn’t worthy, but wait, maybe, maybe,

There is doubt,  believe in what I’m doing,  trust my feelings, it isn’t wrong, let’s look back to all the moments which are past, the past, I know that love him, he also is sure about the feeling, but what went wrong?

Let’s see, no more pain, the voice which is ringing in my head, he s chosen, and I’m chosen, let’s be in hands in hands and prove to all the world that we are made for each other, we will.

He had his pain and I had my share. No more step back, going forward to forget that this word ever existed.


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